Selfridges Food Hall Butcher and more!

20 Feb

Ever felt jealous of those shoppers who can pop into the food hall on their way home to pick up meat? Well no more!
The butchers in the Selfridges food hall offers halal chicken and lamb. The beef is not Halalled which is unfortunate but still gives us plenty of options. They have a variety of cuts and their meat is exceptional.
Try their lamb burgers – and pick up some tzatziki from the Lebanese counter on your way out.

What’s more is there are other counters which provide us with plenty of options. Whilst we haven’t been round them all yet, we know the Indian and Lebanese counters are halal.
The stuffed aubergine with lamb at the Lebanese counter is to die for.

Trishna – Michelin starred Indian restaurant in Marylebone

2 Dec

This is a restaurant that really demonstrates the value of Halalled.

When we first visited Trishna, we didn’t bother asking if the meat was halal. Being a royal hater of masala fish in general, one can imagine the horrors of eating sea bream, fish tikka and seafood biryani.
However, when forced into returning, the “h” question was asked and much to our delight it was stated that the chicken and lamb was indeed suitable for halal eaters. Phew – having been put off returning (due to nothing more than personal distaste to Indian spiced fish in general), the idea of trying the restaurant again seemed slightly brighter.

The second attempt truly did not disappoint.

Aubergine chat, paneer tikka, lamb chops, tandoori baby chicken, dal and the bread basket were all delights. Additionally, for those who do like Indian fish, their sea bream is apparently exceptional. They have an extensive menu showcasing some really yummy things and with something for everyone. Very creative but solid vegetarian dishes were as exciting as its non veg counterparts. Additionally, the naan is really scrumptious.

It’s also not extortionate for a Michelin-starred restaurant so well worth trying.

Locanda Locatelli

23 Nov

What a treat we had spending the day with Giorgio Locatelli in his kitchen and having lunch at Locanda Locatelli. The Italian Michelin-starred restaurant on Portman Square has exquisite simple dishes that just showcase the best of Italian cuisine.
Having spent the morning in the kitchen watching the chefs take such pride and care over every detail, from water bathing pumpkin, to marinating garlic that would eventually layer one of the very many homemade loaves that form the extravagant bread baskets served to every table. (If you go, do try every different type of bread. It’s made lovingly and expertly and not to be missed for any diet you may be on)
One of the most fascinating aspects of this fine dining restaurant is the hospitable nature of the team and their calmness. Being in the kitchen during service was such a treat and it was such a pleasure. Focused, calm and diligent, everything is made to perfection without stress.
They just need 24 hours for a halal request, and will accommodate most requests on the menu. Even if there isn’t something on the menu, given enough time, they can usually rustle something up.
Having watched almost everything being prepared, recommendations include:
Chestnut tagliatelle with mushrooms
Tagliorini with langoustines
Parmesan risotto with truffle
Egg yolk ravioli
Autumn salad

And then we had chicken papillard and chicken Milanese which weren’t on the menu but divine nonetheless.

The best part of Locanda Locatelli is their gelato. The refinement, study, execution and experiment that has gone into making their perfect gelato is unbelievable. But we tried every single flavour (20) and they were just divine.
Favourites include:
– peanut caramel and chocolate
– banana and walnut
– coconut
– chocolate
Interesting flavours were:
– almond brittle and cherry
– panettone
– cream Catalana

It is such a treat but with a homely feel as though you’re sitting in giorgio’s own kitchen.

Definitely should be top of your list to try.

Locanda Locatelli
Remember to make your halal request when booking.

Deliverance – Halalled

18 Nov

This is HUGE news.

For those of you who have never come across deliverance, you’re seriously missing out. But what’s more, a short phone call to deliverance revealed that everything was halal except their beef burgers.

This is revolutionary on so many levels. As a general delivery concept, it’s just amazing regardless of its Halalled status. They make the freshest and best quality meals for delivery only – for all occasions. They’re amazing for lunches at work too when it’s too cold to go out or you want a substantial home cooked, non ready-made meal.
They also have such a huge selection from pizzas, salads, currys, pad Thai, burgers and yummy deserts. And everything is made equally well. There is something for everyone for every mood and taste. They also bespoke their dishes if you have allergies or preferences.

If you haven’t already, go to

It’s a dream come true.

Recommended and tried dishes:
– Bang bang chicken salad
– fish finger burger
– Andy’s amritsari chicken
– salmon teriyaki

Note: the beef burgers are not halal

Rextail (new restaurant opened this week by novikov) – Halalled

10 Nov

This week marked the soft opening of Rextail, the latest restaurant by the group behind Novikov. Located on Albemarle Street in a lower ground long space, it offers a great selection of grills including both wood fired and charcoal based. With an all-encompassing menu including cold cuts, a varied starter list, plenty of choice of different steaks – cut and breed – as well as a great selection of fish and mains, it has something for everyone.

When making the reservation, the normal question about halal offering was asked. We got the perfect answer – what would you like? We will ensure it is available on the night for you.

And on the night indeed it was – plus more giving us plenty to choose from and try.

The restaurant itself has an informal feel to it, with exposed brickwork, comfortable seating, and a laid-back bar area. Service, even in its first week, was impressive. Very attentive, kind and keen to make everyone feel special, with the manager himself taking the time to chat and engage with almost everyone there.

The food was great – tuna tartar, risotto, salmon tartar and bruschetta to start – all very good, filling, and generous portions. The risotto was particularly yummy and the tuna tartar very fresh.
The steak was excellent – decent sized portion, well cooked and very tasty. The chicken too was very good – but is a spatchcock so does have some bones.
The sea bass was also hearty and homely.

If you, like us, enjoy mcdonalds skinny chips, then the afumette chips at rextail should not go amiss.

The only downside to the restaurant is the desert list, which we hope will grow with time. Being as big a lover of puddings as we are, their list was just not that exciting. Bitter chocolate souffl√©, selection of ice creams and sorbets and others that are forgettable don’t do the restaurant justice. Especially to finish what would otherwise have been a pretty great meal.

Rextail is however, novikov expensive. You will definitely end up spending more here than you would at the cut, and for arguably not better food. But it is a must and should be tried. Great for a dinner for any occasion – if you want to enjoy your meal, in a relaxed non-stuffy unpretentious environment in Mayfair, somehow the novikov chap has managed to pull off something that could be everything that novikov isn’t.

Hutong – Shard

1 Nov

Hutong in the shard offers halal chicken on its menu.

It’s a fairly irrelevant fact as having eaten there, there is not one reason to return.

Not to mention getting sick for a week after dinner there.

The menu is very limited. Don’t expect Kai style creativity and deliciousness on the plate. The decor doesn’t make up for the lack of innovation or execution and the only saving grace is the view. But don’t waste your time with a table for dinner, just have a drink at the bar if you must.

The dinner was so uninspiring that the food is more forgetful that anything else.

For everything on their menu, there is a superior version either at Kai or China tang not to mention quite possibly royal china.

Verdict: whilst the view is stunning, there’s better food at sushi samba – although not halal – but with an equally great view.

Claridges – Halalled

17 Sep

If you’ve never been to claridges, it really is a treat. For those of you who have watched the 3 part documentary on the quintessentially British hotel, you couldn’t not want to try some of this establishments fine dining as well as be on the receiving end of some of the most excellent service this town has on offer.

Claridges has something for everything. Their bar is fantastic for a quick lunch, business meeting, informal tea, after work drink, pre-dinner catch up or even dinner itself. It was at the bar that it was revealed that they offer halal meat. When I asked, I was met with “of course madam.” From what I remember, the lamb, chicken and beef were all halal. It was here that I tried their burger (not as good as the cut but fine), their lamb Wellington snack (amazingly cooked but a bit bland). They have such an excellent bar menu with sushi, sharing snacks and super generous portions too. Their tuna tartar is by far the favourite thing on the menu though.

Breakfast is probably the best meal at claridges. It has nothing to do with halal meat but you can bet that you will have the best eggs, toast, condiments, tea, cheese, pancakes – whatever you ask for, they will do, with “of course, madam.” Happiness on a plate.

They have a fine dining restaurant previously home to Gordon Ramsay. Whilst it hasn’t itself been tried yet for Halalled, as the main kitchen has halal meat, it would be a shocker for it not to serve halal meat. But it is on the list to try in it’s own right so verdict is still out on that.

So all I’m all, a massive well-appreciated revelation. Still a lot more to try in claridges – and the best thing is we can actually try lots of things as they are just so accommodating. Definitely should be on any halal eaters list.

Christopher’s: newly refurbished and Halalled

23 Aug

We have been waiting for the day to be able to indulge in the amazingly beautiful meat dishes that Christopher’s grill in Convent Garden offers.

And the day has arrived.

Christopher’s now offers its chicken and lamb dishes Halalled and provides a special halal wagyu steak for those Halalled eaters.

The choice on offer is immense, especially if you go for brunch. You often don’t even have to have meat but because we can, we should.

Not only is there meat on offer for us folk, their mocktails are equally impressive, with their martini bar having a fab choice of interesting cocktails sans alcohol.

Our recommendations are extensive but favourites are:

Steak and eggs (brunch menu)
Lamb chops
Burger (they can make with wagyu!!!!!)
Surf n turf (steak and lobster)

These are all American favourites that have rarely been available to us mussys.

The non-meat dishes that are highly recommended are:
Pancakes (brunch only)
Courgette and sweet corn hotcakes
Tuna tartare
Lobster club (brunch only)
Huevos rancheros
Mushrooms on toast (ask for Parmesan on the side)

Don’t get anything without their tobacco onions (they’re not made with tobacco and are probably the bet onion rings in London – better than cut)

The drinks are as indulgent:
Lychee juice
Elderflower virgin mojito (apparently invented by the owners Muslim best friend)
Triple chocolate milkshake

We have dined, brunched, drank, partied, sang and hosted private dinners at Christopher’s. It is an old establishment that has been redesigned and launched to an incredible standard, has a laid back but sumptuous feel about it and caters for us. What more could we ask for?

You do need to request halal at the time of booking and there is a supplement of ¬£20 for the halal wagyu steak. But it’s worth it.

Sumosan – Halalled

6 Apr

I am not a fan of sumosan.

I was once upon a time, but since they have just never grasped the concept of good service, and with dull interiors, dim lighting, and odd mismatched music, I often just want to fall asleep in between courses as they take such an age to do anything.

They have good-ish sushi – but personally nothing compares to dinings for sushi. (No halal meat but best sushi in London)

They have one kosher chicken dish – chicken yakitori. Not worth even mentioning to be honest as its just unappetising.

All the other usuals on the menu – black cod, sashimi salad, rock shrimp etc are ok but either they’ve messed up on them before or there is frankly just better elsewhere.

Now it is popular amongst many people but I would personally never recommend this restaurant for anyone – it’s just not that good.

Home House – Halalled

28 Feb

Home House, the rather large members club on Portman Square has the halalled seal of approval.

Obviously, the caveat is that you have to be a member to attend, but if you do get a chance to go, there’s a wide range of restaurants with meat that we can all eat.

I ate in the Octagon Dining Room where the chicken and lamb is halal.

They have everything from sushi, sashimi, black cod, terriyaki, yakitori and green curry – everything you’d expect in a pan-asian restaurant.

For me, being tempted to try all the meat I could, I ordered the chicken yakitori and a braised neck and cutlet of lamb curry. Both were good but I was a bit jealous about my friends beef teriyaki which looked yummy.

If you do have the opportunity to go, it’s another good restaurant that serves halal meat which is just another bonus to London eating.

Home House



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